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The Sri Lanka FaUXpedition is hardly a rigorous trip to a tropical desert island, scaffold reef, or frigid backwater suitable only to penguins! No sir!  Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches, and it has a diverse cultural heritage extending back centuries. See Sri Lanka.

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Sample QSL

With the recent success of so many recent DXpeditions, we are proud to announce the kickoff of planning for a new FaUXpedition to Sri Lanka, tentatively set for this year's Poisson d'Avril. This new expedition group's launch was originally inspired by an astute group of friendly DX'ers and contesters who were quick to see the SSB pileup busting nature of this new expedition call sign when dropped as a partial ("4Q" "4Q" "4Q"!). We have a tentative FaUX request in with Sri Lankan authorities for the desired FaUXpedition station callsign, "4Q2BUD". We have high hopes of being granted all of the consideration we are due by the appropriate authorities.

The 4Q2BUD SSB group has decided that the slogan for the FaUXpedition will be, fittingly, "Phostering Phine Phoreign Phone Phriendliness". That does not mean that you CW diehards need to worry about being excluded. We have been able to secure assurances that noted Russian and Kazak high speed CW experts Boris, RU2SLO, and Ivan, UR2SLO, will both be a participants, and will be tutoring the SSB ops on their CW skills. Noted QRP SSB op Anthony, IM2SLO, has already begun working with them on his skills. Vlad, OK2GO, although only seven years old, has informed us that he has his parents blessings and has taken an after school job to help earn his way. Way to go Vlad!

Clive, GR8OP, will be coordinating the actual operations during the event and he will be joined by his vivacious wife Emma, GR8BOD, who is sure to be loved by all. Her friends Candi, YL4SEX and Barbi, YL2FU are also going to be helping keep the expedition camp's night life lively and everyone's moral up.

Retired stevedore Louis, FR8MAN, will arrive early from nearby Reunion Island to assist with the equipment and cargo handling issues. We are also glad to announce that Luiggi, IM4IT, has agreed to work on promotion and securing additional support from the international community. He informs us that he has been given commitments for financing from his good friend and successful businessman Stephano, IM2NV. Beldan, RG8X has also offered to supply feedline and connectors to the FaUXpedition.

All on site station operations will be scheduled, and all operations will be monitored by our special Kazak friend Borat, UP5LID. He will be assisted as needed by his close associate UP8OM, Igor. These gentlemen are well known for keeping the pace of operations flowing, and will be assisting with all frequency assignments through out the operation. Yuri, UP2UOM, is ready for anything and is available to assist in any way needed throughout the operation. Vasily,UP2HER, is planning to come if he is able to convince Sonja, UR2STA, to allow him out of the house.

Finally, QSL's for the group will be handled by Gino, IR8OP, but he warns that he has little patience for the overzealous in pileups and those individuals might be "slow" to receive their QSL confirmation cards. All pileups will be monitored closely by Uri Talkenov, UR1LID, who will be quick to challenge those who call without regard to operator instructions.

Unable to join us this year is well known expedition enthusiast Domini, DX4ME, although he assures us that he will clear his schedule back in Manilla to be available for future expedition events. Unfortunately, Emil, DX1MO, is getting a bit old for the physical activity required in an expedition, and thinks he only has this final trip left in him. Murphy, FO0BAR, has promised that he will NOT be on site during operations, but no one believes he will deliver on this promise.

Charles, FU2PAL, sends regrets, although he anticipates being prominently and repeatedly heard in the 4Q2BUD pileups.

4Q2OM was unavailable for comment.

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